These Types Of Comments Really Get Under My Skin

And I bet they get under yours too

Dominic DiFrancesco


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There are many things that exist which I know nothing about, yet they exist regardless. We aren’t gods nor are we omniscient so it stands to reason the we couldn’t possibly know about everything.

This brings me to the one argument I wish would simply go away because it has no merit and that is comments like the following:

I didn’t hear about this. Where are you getting this information from?
I read lots of articles and I didn’t see anything about this.
I use “this” device or “that” device and I didn’t hear about this.

What brought this up is a comment from a reader to one of my recent articles.

The article was written to point out how foolish some people are by getting excited by a device as mundane as an Apple power brick. And one that isn’t even guaranteed to make it to market. This was nothing more than a leak document by Apple who quickly removed it once the media started reporting on it.

The readers comment was as follows:

Whatever are you talking about?
I have plenty of Apple devices, including new iPhones and iPads. I am an active iOS/WatchOS developer. I get plenty of Apple newsletters and other pushes of advertising, yet I have not seen any notice of a 35W power brick. Who cares! Where exactly is this mob?
Is this another faux Facebook wave of hysteria?

First of all, the comment tone is not at all friendly which I found off-putting from the start.

Secondly, what does owning plenty of Apple devices, receiving Apple news letters, and advertising have to do with whether one has heard of a 35 watt Apple charger or not. It has no bearing at all.

The topper to the comment is the ever popular “I have not seen any notice of a 35W power brick.” Okay, so because you haven’t seen a notice, therefore it must not exist. Wrong!



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