The Depravity Of Human Beings Towards One Another

Will it ever stop

Dominic DiFrancesco


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I have to admit that there almost isn’t a day when I’m not surprised, and sometimes disturbed by people’s actions.

Our departure from Afghanistan is a prime example of the depravity of human beings towards one another. Numerous civilians and a dozen U.S. service members at last count were killed by suicide bombers outside Kabul airport.

What is their end game? We are leaving and taking those that helped us during our 20 years on the ground with us. Killing Afghan men, women, and children along with our soldiers is utterly despicable. With several more days left before our withdrawal deadline, the Taliban should have honored their commitment and kept the peace, while allowing us to airlift authorized persons from the country un-harassed. Clearly this did not happen.

According to early news reports the bombings were blamed on ISIS-K. The Taliban either couldn’t or didn’t want to stop these attacks and now we see the consequences. This action has to be seen as breaking the U.S.-Taliban withdrawal agreement.

As a nation, we cannot let these murders go unavenged. What was done was cowardly and shows how primitive their beliefs and actions are. Their answer to everything is to kill anyone who doesn’t agree with their ideology.

I realize that culturally we are very different from the Afghan people, but regardless we are all human, we are born, we live, and then we die. Nothing in their culture or religious beliefs will change this fact. That is life.

In retaliation for these deaths, perhaps we need to take and keep Kabul airport and a substantial perimeter around the airport under our control. Putting a semi-permanent ground force there along with fighter jets and attack helicopters for air support. This would help us monitor the ever-changing situation on the ground. It would also provide us with the ability to strike terrorist camps and other enemy targets that threaten our national security more expediently.

I’m not military strategist and I’m certain there are much smarter people than I contemplating how to handle this situation. I just know that we can’t sweep this under the rug and leave Afghanistan acting as if nothing happened. We also need to show to the world that we won’t be trampled by terrorists.

Whatever we do, we need to do it quickly and decisively or we will be seen as weak by the rest of the world and more specifically our two biggest adversaries, Russia and China. When trying to rebuild our foreign policy image around the world, failure to respond to the attacks would be devastating for it now and far into the future.

If you have any ideas on how to handle this, I’d love to hear them.

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