Should You Self-Publish Or Submit To Publications, The Age-Old Question

After 1 month of self-publishing, I think I know the answer

Dominic DiFrancesco


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I published an article in January where I changed my view on writing in a niche. Initially, I was against it, I thought, why limit yourself, but then did an abrupt turnaround and realized that there is something to writing in a niche or a few niches.

I also took a deeper dive into my stats and was surprised to find that 40% of my most successful articles in terms of views and reads were ones I self-published. The biggest portion of them fell under one particular niche — technology.

A lightbulb went off, a true “Ah-Ha” moment.

So what did I do with this newfound brilliance?

The first thing I did was to put most of my efforts into publishing in technology. I still publish in other categories, but this is where most of my focus is placed.

Next, I had to decide if I was going to publish mostly to publications or self-publish.

I took a hybrid approach to this. In the early part of January, I started a publication called Tech for Everyone. I am the only writer so I can control and segregate my technology articles from those that are not technology-focused.

I’m probably wrong in my thinking, but this is “sort of” self-publishing since it is my publication and I’m the only writer.

In addition to this, I still self-publish under my name. I understand that this is probably what Medium would consider truly self-published.

As a result, I’m doing the majority of my writing either under my name or my publication. So far, and it’s early, it is working out pretty well. The numbers I receive daily are consistently better in terms of views and reads than they had been writing consistently for other publications.



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