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That is unless you have the discipline to get it under control

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The problem

It would come as little surprise to anyone how many distractions we have in this digital age. These distractions come in many forms. Gaming, internet browsing, death-scrolling social media, and email all fall into the category of time-sucking activities.

Although I’m fully aware of these pitfalls, I’m no…

It’s something I’ve struggled with my entire life

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Wow, I don’t know her, but she sure knows me

I read a great post yesterday by Diana C which I will link to at the end of this article. Her article struck a cord with me, especially the first few paragraphs, primarily because I could see myself as the poster child for her observation.

The author stated, and I’m…

I have more than once and it pisses me off

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Do you ever get baited into discussing topics that you prefer not to discuss?

I do. It happens all the time. I’m talking about things like politics and religion and even gossip about co-workers. …


But if they want to win the hearts of consumers, how about they make their devices fixable

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It’s all the rage today, technology companies publicly touting their environmental achievements.

In general they should, but there is so much more they could do. …

Exercise your right brain and see where it takes you

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I read an editorial recently by Paul Thurrott of thurrott.com, and although the bulk of the piece focused on food (Italian food to be exact ), it concluded with something that resonated with me, and that is “creativity.” It was an interesting transition, though quite fitting.

The line from his…


Not only is it bad for our wallets, it makes no sense

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Our First-World Technology Problem

I have always been fascinated by how many Americans simply can’t wait to put their hard-earned money down on the next shiny thing. Perhaps this isn’t simply a purely American thing, but something prevalent in first-world countries. The next shiny thing I’m talking about is technology.

Remember the pre-pandemic lines…

The question is, should you upgrade

Windows 11 desktop and widgets (Image by Author)

Well it’s finally official, Microsoft has released Windows 11 to the public, that is as long as you have a PC that meets the requirements.

I purchased a new laptop this week with more modern specs than the Surface Book 2 that I had been running the Windows 11 Insider…

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