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Keeping in mind that Windows 11 is a dev build it should come as no surprise that it would have at least a few issues/bugs. That absolutely is the case with the latest build, 22000.71. The couple issues I have found through my day to day use are by no means deal breakers, but one of the two causes a bit more concern than the other.

The Crash

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Space flight is exciting, as are the launches themselves, that is undeniable. With SpaceX and Blue Origin here in the U.S. and Virgin Galactic in the U.K. we are getting to see launches more frequently than ever.

My concerns primarily revolve around our countries incessant need to privatize everything possible, even space flight.

I used to be filled with a sense of national pride when an Apollo rocket launched or when the space shuttle docked with the International Space Station, but now with the space program in the hands a few billionaires, I no longer feel that same sense of…

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Over the years I have worked in a variety of roles in healthcare I.T., but most often in medical imaging I.T. as a PACS administrator, PACS system installer and as an imaging modality service engineer.

Although general I.T. skills are essential, there is a whole other set of acronyms that exists in medical imaging that you likely won’t or didn’t learn in school. Speaking from experience, just knowing what PACS and DICOM were got me a job in a large multi-state hospital system. some years back.

For those of you interested in medical imaging I.T. or just looking to enhance…

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I have been contemplating writing this piece for quite some time. It is focused on I.T. (information technology) workers though I’m certain it can apply to many other types of jobs.

I have worked in I.T. for almost 40 years and there is one lesson that I learned during that time that doesn’t require technology at all — it’s courtesy.

Courtesy is defined by Oxford dictionary as the showing of politeness in one’s attitude and behavior toward others.

I would venture to say that most of us were taught this by our parents at a very young age. If you…

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After using the Windows 11 developer preview for about a week now, I have to say that I am impressed. So far I have noticed very few issues.

The only things that I did come across thus far was one instance of File Explorer not responding, but after about 30 seconds it came back to life and secondly I’ve noticed some lag when typing into Google Docs. Both of these issues have not reoccurred in a few days. Neither one is a deal breaker.

Even after only a week of use, I’ve concluded that the operating system has been simplified…

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After a full month writing on Medium there are a few lessons and tips I learned. Now I’m not setting the world on fire or anything, but I am enjoying writing and heck, I made 49 cents in the process — nothing but upside as near as I can tell. These are the things that are helping me increase my readership.

#1 Publications

The most important thing I learned is that when starting out, self-publishing can be downright depressing. No one on Medium knows you nor do they know how to find you. It’s hit or miss whether someone will stumble upon…

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Here we go again, another frivolous lawsuit that doesn’t appear to be based in reality, but I suppose we would expect nothing less.

It has been reported that former President Donald Trump filed lawsuits on Wednesday alleging that Google’s YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, along with Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and Sundar Pichai infringed on his constitutional rights. He announced his lawsuits during a press conference in New Jersey while demanding that his social media accounts be reinstated immediately.

Trump has been suspended from these services since January when his followers stormed the Capitol to stop congress from certifying the presidential…

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DISCLAIMER: This is my personal story, I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken as medical advice. Please see a qualified professional for any medical questions.

I write this as the poster child for what not to do when you’re a type 2 diabetic. I was diagnosed a type 2 diabetic over 15 years ago and I still have trouble following the rules. As a result of my inconsistency in keeping my A1C number in range, I take 3 medications to assist me. …

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This is wonderful time we live in. Technology innovations make our lives easier, keep us connected to our friends and family no matter where they are, and make us more efficient. Or do they?

You need look no further than your smartphone and smartwatch. They are amazing devices, little computers in our pockets and on our wrists, something from the world of SciFi only a few decades ago.

Ouch! A slap brings me back to reality. When it comes to devices that zap productivity these in my opinion are the worst.

I couldn’t begin to count how many times I…

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Maybe it’s just because I’m getting older and can look back at my life and the things I’ve gone through or perhaps I’m just being shortsighted, but I feel that we as a society have become hypersensitive about almost everything.

Take for instance the push in youth sports today to hand out a trophy to everyone whether their team won or lost just so the kids don’t have to face disappointment. As a boy, I played both Little League Baseball and basketball, neither of which I was good at I might add. I can even recall occasions when parents in…

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